WOWSTICK 1p+ Double Power Precision Screwdriver

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There are many kinds of traditional hand tools, and it takes time and effort to use them. This safe, efficient and compact tool solves the above problems, and it combines the advantages of electric and manual, and is more portable.

Electric and manual can be used alone or in combination with each other.
Suitable for maintenance and installation in the fields of computer, mobile phone, aviation, electronics, industry, etc.
A total of 20 bits are available to meet different needs.
Equipped with a desktop base for placement when not in use.
Piano button switch is more comfortable, the body design is easy to use and carry.
The motor adopts positive and negative rotation with a speed of 150rpm and a dual mode torque of 0.12/3.0N*m.

Screwdriver material: aluminum
Bits material: S-2 alloy steel
Screwdriver color: silver
Battery: 2 * AAA battery (not included)
Rated speed: 150rpm
Rated torque: 0.12/3.0N*m
Screwdriver bits size: 4 * 28mm / 0.2 * 1.1in Hexagon (1/8")
Bits quantity: 20pcs
Cross: PH000, PH0, PH2
Slotted: SL-1.0mm, SL-2.0mm, SL-3.0mm
Hexagon: H-2.5, H-3.0
Hexagonal star: T5, T6, T8
Five-star: P2, P5, P6
Square: S0
Triangle: 3.0
Y: Y0.6, Y2.5
U: U3.0
Circular: O.8 
Electric screwdriver size: 174 * 15mm / 6.9 * 0.6in
Electric screwdriver weight: 67g / 2.4ounce
Package size: 220 * 43 * 40mm / 8.7 * 1.7 * 1.6in
Package weight: 279g / 9.8ounce

1. Please keep idle electric screwdriver out of the reach of infant.
2. Please don't leak the electric screwdriver in rain or humid environment.

Package list:
1 * Electric Screwdriver 
20 * Bits
1 * Base
1 * Demagnetizer & Magnetizer
1 * User Manual

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