100mm 4" Diamond 2 Row Segment Grinding Wheel Disc Bowl Shape Grinder Cup 20mm Inner Hole for Concrete Granite Masonry Stone Ceramics Terrazzo Marble Building Industry

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This is a professional great quality 100mm diamond double row segment grinding cup wheel disc. Suitable for grinding masonry, ceramics, terrazzo, marble, tile, concrete, granite and stone.

High quality and brand new diamond segment grinding wheel cup with high speed grinding and long service life.
With air holes designed to aid in and maintain a cool stable cutting pattern and reduced wear.
Designed to provide 30% faster stock removal with double row large grinding segments. 
Processed with high quality synthetic diamond coating that provides for a more consistent diamond scratch pattern. 
Great choice for people who do granite and marble worktops, headstones, tilers, builders.
Provide very fast grinding action on masonry, stone and concrete. 

Material: Diamond
Color: Gold
Diameter of Hole: 20mm / 0.79inch
Cup Shape: Dome Flange 
Diameter of Grinding Wheel: 100mm / 3.94inch
Thickness of Grinding Wheel Disc Body: 2mm / 0.08"
Thickness of Gear: 5mm / 0.20"
Width of Gear: 27mm / 1.06", 37mm / 1.46" 
Max. RPM: 13600
Used for: All 100mm High-speed Electric Grinder & Pneumatic Tools, DIY Grinding & Polishing Wood, Metal & Mold
Item Size: Approx. 100 * 16mm / 3.94 * 0.63in (D * H)
Item Weight: Approx. 260g / 9.17oz
Package Size: Approx. 10 * 10 * 1.7cm / 3.94 * 3.94 * 0.67in
Package Weight: Approx. 261g / 9.22oz

Package List:
1 * Diamond Segment Grinding Wheel Disc 

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